Our approach

We understand the texts that we work with!

To translate your text, we apply some simple principles:

- we assign a translator to your text who is a specialist in the area, and is familiar with the relevant terminology;
- we create a translation that corresponds to your needs. We clearly explain the different types of translation to you and you choose the most suitable version;
- our management system guarantees that all the steps of the translation process take place, and are completed within the agreed timeframe;

The results of this are:

1. A translation fitting your needs and your objectives.

If you've asked for a "draft translation", there is a single step to the process. We prepare the text ready to be finalized, with everything clear and precise. On the other hand, if you need a "final" translation (for example for creating a foreign-language version of your company's marketing materials), the text will be perfect, edited by a native speaker, with flawless style and terminology. The text will not require any further changes (any editing, correction or rereading).

2. Optimizing your budget

Since we begin by working with you to define the purpose of the translation and the resources needed for it, you don't spend incur any unnecessary costs. For example, translating documents for formal verification doesn't require a very precise translation of each term. These translations will just sit in the Russian Government's files so a basic translation is good enough. Contracts between yourself and your customers are at the other extreme - each word and letter must carry their precise meaning, and approximations cannot be accepted. This sort of translation would be carried out by a lawyer and a translator working together, and verified by a senior editor.

This is why we define the exact purpose of the translation up front. It allows us to determine the resources required and hence the cost of the services, so you don't pay any more than you need.

3. Quality assured

Your translation is in the hands of a specialist who knows your business. Perfect knowledge of a foreign language doesn't guarantee a totally accurate translation, and no translator can be a specialist in all areas. This is why it's so important to pick a translator who, in addition to having sufficient knowledge of the language, is also able to understand the industry-specific language of your text. This allows them to understand and convey the meaning of the terms and phrases, and the system of concepts used.

We have built a customer-oriented management system. As soon as we receive your text, we evaluate it and transfer it to a specialist translator in your field.

Send us a text and receive an online evaluation and quote

We provide also written and oral translations (simultaneous and consecutive).

A major part of our work is providing translations by native speakers. This ensures that the translation sounds authentic to the readers, and enforces the appropriate linguistic standards.

Our key themes:

- Legal translation (translation of contracts, agreements, decisions, constitutional documents, record extracts, procurations, regulations and normative acts) to and from Russian;

- Economic and financial translation (translation of business plans, market research, marketing text, product catalogs, descriptions of products and services) to and from Russian;

- Financial translation (translation of accounts, balance sheets, cash-flow tables, auditors' reports) to and from Russian;

- Technical translation (translation of instructions, rules, certificates, technical descriptions, patents) to and from Russian;

- SEO and website translation to and from Russian;

- Medical translation (hospital reports, orders, formulations, protocols) to and from Russian;

- Business correspondence translation (translation of official letters, translation of e-mail exchanges) to and from Russian.

You can also order legalization of documents, notarial certification of translations in Moscow, and editing of translations by a Russian native speaker.