One of our agency's specialisms is interpretation: simultaneous or consecutive translation. We consider the format of the event and the tasks involved, then select the member of the interpretation team with the most relevant experience and qualifications. Obtaining preliminary materials before an event is extremely important. This material should include information on the participants, and maybe documents related to the content. The more information the interpreter has in advance, the better prepared they will be, and the higher the quality of the professional assistance provided.

The result of the event really depends on the quality of the interpreter. Of course the interpreter's qualifications are hugely important - they need an exceptional ability to quickly process the meaning of the core statements and translate them into the target language. Their ability to communicate the message is equally important: the expression, the intonation and the attention to detail will all determine how the listener perceives your message. Note that the interpreter somewhat becomes the "face" of the company they translate for. Consciously or not, your partners will associate the interpreter with the content that they are translating. This is why the psychological factor is so important; the interpreter must make an excellent impression.

The interpreter cannot hide their level of specialism. They work "live", in front of the client, and the results of their work are judged immediately. This explains why most translation agencies ("bureau perevodov") in Russia don't offer this service. It is fundamentally different from creating written translations on a computer, which takes time and skills to evaluate.

We offer the interpretation service (simultaneous or consecutive) for the following major languages:











Image Consecutive interpretation
Professional interpreter on negotiating, signing contracts, exhibitions, company presentations
Image Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation in Moscow: professional interpreter from Russian and into Russian, any king of events