Interpreters from and into Russian

Our interpreters work with interpretations from and into Russian with French, English, German, Spanish and a number of other languages.

Types of English-Russian interpretation

Our English-Russian and French-Russian interpreters are specialized in both classic consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation takes place at events where there is equipment and headphones. This type of interpretation is done at the same time as the speaker is talking and significantly reduces the time needed for all participants. We provide simultaneous interpretation in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

With consecutive interpreting, the speaker periodically pauses while speaking so that the interpreter can then translate each consecutive segment of speech for the audience; thus, the speaker and interpreter take turns speaking and interpreting.

Where are we?

Our Russian-English interpreters  work in Russia’s major cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Vladivostok and several other cities. Sometimes it is necessary for an interpreter to physically go to a location in the regions, and we are flexible in this kind of situation. Our interpreters can work “on location” if remote interpreting is not preferred.

Online interpretation into Russian

At the same time, it is important to take into consideration recent developments in internet technology. It is becoming increasingly common for us to use both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the Russian-English language pair for online conferences, whether on Skype, Zoom or some other platform for online communication. Smartphone applications also make it possible to do simultaneous interpretation for such conferences.

Read in more detail about simultaneous interpretation in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as consecutive interpreting from and into the Russian language.

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Professional Russian-English and Russian-French interpreters in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities
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Simultaneous Russian-English interpretation in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the entire set of required equipment
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