Interpreting services in Moscow

We offer interpretation in the English-Russian and French-Russian language pairs for your event.
On our team of interpreters there are specialists working at various levels in a variety of fields. We regularly work at different kinds of events in Moscow – exhibitions, seminars, meetings, escorting guests, interviews and lectures.
We have a certified interpreter for events at government offices and agencies.

Interpreting languages in Moscow

In addition to interpreting for the Russian-English language pair, our interpreters also work with French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and a number of other languages.

Simultaneous interpreting in Moscow

Alongside classic consecutive interpreting (required in meetings and negotiations), we can provide full service for simultaneous interpreting in the Russian-English language pair. This includes both the work of our simultaneous interpreters from and into Russian as well as all of the equipment needed for simultaneous interpretation (interpreting booth, sound amplifying equipment in the event hall, headsets for event participants, etc.). Read in more detail about simultaneous interpreting and equipment rental here.

Certified interpreter for court and state agencies

When it comes to official conversations or paperwork, such as court interpretation, giving testimony to the police or investigation agencies, finalizing a deal before a notary (property purchases, participation in a company tender, etc.) - the presence of an interpreter with the  appropriate diploma is required. You can ask us to send one of our Russian-English interpreters over to handle all the necessary formal activities.

Scheduling an interpreter in Moscow

We always inform our clients about the importance of preparing the interpreter in advance for your event. We kindly ask that you supply us, as far possible, with the materials (presentations, brochures and other information) that will allow us to get fully acquainted with the theme of the event and ask any necessary questions in advance so that you will receive the highest quality result.

Excursions and an English guide in Moscow

We frequently receive requests for excursions around Moscow in English. It is worth noting here that the professions of interpreter and tour guide are fundamentally different. Even though both know a foreign language, only a professional guide with the corresponding competencies (knowledge of history, architecture and art) and possessing the appropriate  licenses and permits can provide quality tours around the city. We recommend contacting our colleagues at IdeaGuide as they are professionals in this area.

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