Proofreading by a Russian native speaker

Checking and editing a completed translation in Russian and other languages
We offer proofreading services for texts and translations in Russian, English, French and Spanish. 
This is an important stage in working with a text which brings your translation into full compliance with the norms of the target language, at the level of general literacy and with respect to style.
The process of proofreading work can be structured in various ways and take place at different levels:
1st: We receive the translated text to be proofread for spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as for basic style.
2nd: We receive the translated and original texts, which allows the proofreader to check the original text as needed as he or she works on the translation for proper style and grammatical correctness as well as accurate meaning. Whenever there is inconsistency in meaning, we offer an alternative translation.
The amount of work involved in proofreading a text in Russian can vary drastically from case to case and, most importantly, so can the quality of the original translation.
It is important to note that not all texts (translations) are suitable for proofreading. We cannot offer the proofreader-editor a text when more than half of it requires rewriting. In cases like this, we recommend doing the translation over again since this will be faster and cost less. As is  well known, it takes more time and effort to correct a bad translation than to just do a new one.
Our team’s editor, a native speaker of Russian or another language, must conform to an important requirement: he or she must not only have an excellent command of his or her own  native language but also of the original language used in your text so that he or she can check the source text and correct any mistakes in meaning as well.

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