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Translation of contracts and other documents to and from Serbian

After the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Serbian language received a boost, as the official language of Serbia and Montenegro. This is one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists, as well as investors. This means we often receive requests for legal translation to and from Serbian (contracts, banking agreements, mortgage agreements), technical translation to/from Serbian (instructions, technical specifications, design documents, contruction details) and commercial (translation of tourist guides, invitations and brochures from Serbian to Russian).

Every year the number of Russians buying houses and apartments in Serbia and Montenegro grows. Despite the similarities between the Russian and Serbian languages, and the apparent ease of understanding, translating legal documents (agreements, projects and contracts) should always be left to a professional legal translator. Typically all proposed agreements at the local level are in Serbian, and bilingual contracts are also common.

Experienced IdeaTranslate translators will translate all the necessary documents into Serbian for you, at a professional level of quality.


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