Professional interpretation and translation to/from French

Over the years, French has been one of our agency's main languages. We specialize in legal translation to/from French (translating contracts, agreements, regulations). In the course of our French legal translation, we've worked with leading French legal firms, consulting agencies and multinationals.

As a member of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the IdeaTranslate agency co-operates with the French business community, providing both written and oral translation to/from French.

At IdeaTranslate, you can order:

  •  Economic translation to/from French;
  •  Financial translation to/from French (financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts);
  •  Technical translation to/from French (including automotive and petrochemicals);
  •  Marketing translation to/from French (presentations, business proposals, product catalogs);
  •  Medical translation to/from French (case histories, treatment notes, research, test results).

French businesses have traditionally led the Russian market in retail, fashion, perfumes, banking, food, architecture and design. One of our translation agency's main objectives is to provide professional translations in these areas.

Note that Francophones (native French speakers) often can't speak other European languages. If you have a French company as a business partner then this is important to know. We recommend that you use French for your written communications with them. You should use a professional to translate the documents, or even better, trust a native speaker with the task.

Interpretation from French (consecutive and simultaneous) is one of our key specializations. If you need an interpreter for any events in French (such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences, interviews, lectures or talks), then we will provide an interpreter who has reached a high professional level, and in addition is familiar with the required knowledge on the subject.

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