Translations from French into Russian and the reverse as well as French-English translations
French has been one of our main languages from the beginning. In Russia we work with the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Russie), providing interpreting services at numerous events: conferences, seminars and meetings.
French companies are especially strong in a number of branches of the Russian economy – retail, fashion, perfumery, banking, food products, architecture and design. Our translators have exclusive experience translating from French into Russian and English in these sectors.
You can rely with confidence on our professionalism.
Interpretation from French (consecutive and simultaneous) is one of our key specializations. If you need an interpreter for any events in French in Moscow, St. Petersburg or other city (such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences, interviews, lectures or talks), then we will provide an interpreter who has reached a high professional level, and in addition is familiar with the required knowledge on the subject.

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