Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting from and into Russian

English-Russian interpreters: offline and online

We translate offline in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities in Russia. Online, however, we can interpret anywhere in the world. 
Our professional interpreters for Russian are a reliable choice for your event, no matter what the format. 
We provide Russian-English translations both offline in person (meetings, negotiations, seminars, master classes, etc.) and online remotely (online conferences, calls and negotiations on Zoom, Skype and other platforms). The key to a high-quality translation is the interpreter having the necessary qualifications in addition to his or her advance preparation and immersion in the topic, allowing for mastery of the required vocabulary.
Please inform us in as much detail as possible what you require from a Russian-English interpreter (or French, Spanish or German). We will make you an offer and be happy to provide our professional services.

Mishaps and stereotypes about interpretation

“Everyone speaks English” is one of our favorite sayings. Of course, when we mean ordering dishes in a restaurant or chatting on a tourist trip, the number of English-speaking people rises sharply. However, in our experience, as soon as it comes to professional topics, the language barrier becomes obvious. This is exactly why there are professional interpreters to remove these barriers and help people understand each other clearly.
In our observations, both in Russia and most European countries, the general level of proficiency in English is insufficient for effective communication on professional topics and the help of an interpreter is necessary.
Another common problem is accent. We have repeatedly encountered situations where English is the common non-native language at meetings, for instance, between a Russian and a French person. Due to their different pronunciation styles and ways of speaking in English, they cannot understand each other even though both are confident in their own excellent command of the language. 
Contact us for a professional interpreter from Russian into English, French, Spanish and other languages. This is our specialty. And you can focus on the actual business issues instead of communication.

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