Written translation

Translations from and into Russian
IdeaTranslate specializes in translations from or into Russian on the most diverse topics.
We are an agency focusing on specialized translations. This means that a translator familiar with the subject area will be working on your text or document. This is of key importance for a high-quality translation that helps you communicate successfully with your partners and/or target audience. 
Our main areas of translation from and into Russian are legal texts and documents, marketing and medical translations, IT and websites.
A translator’s specialization means that if we are talking about, for example, a legal translation, then the translator is familiar with the fundamentals of law and the applicable body of legislation, the terminology used in the field, etc. It is the same for the other areas: marketing, technical, IT and medical translations.
Often when working on large translation projects we form a working group consisting of an editor, translators and external specialists.
Of course, the translator cannot be a lawyer, doctor and programmer all at the same time. Therefore, it sometimes becomes necessary to involve an external specialist. In most cases, however, our team of French-Russian translators is sufficiently qualified in the key thematic areas for a high-quality and reliable translation.
Notarization of translations in Russia
If you need a certified translation in Russia, we can assist you with notarizations in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Please note that the certification of a translation in accordance with Russian legislation is different than according to European rules. (The translation’s authenticity is confirmed by the notary not the translator.) We are located in Moscow and can organize the necessary procedure. (It is impossible to do this abroad since the translator’s personal presence is required at the notary’s office in Russia.) Read more about notarizing translations in Russia in this section.
Proofreading translations into Russian
We also offer our services for proofreading and correcting texts in Russian or another language. Read more about it in this section of the website.
Image Legal translation
English-Russian translation of charters, articles of association, k-bis, agreements, extract from the Commercial Register
Image Economic and financial translation
Financial translation from and into Russian, accounting and bookkeeping documents translation
Image Website translation and localization
Website translation from and into Russian, seo translation, keywords selection, content adaptation and search engine optimization
Image Subtitles translation
Professional subtitles translation by a Russian native speaker
Image Technical translation
Translations from and into Russian for instructions, technical tasks and specifications
Image Literary translation
English-Russian literary translations: articles, scripts, novels
Useful infos and articles
Some rules for translating subtitles