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Professional subtitles translations by a native Russian speaker.
We translate and prepare subtitles for fictional and documentary films.
Along with the translation itself from or into Russian, you can also order the original transcription of the text from the audio track or video (Read more here.), as well as subtitles in the desired format (.srt file or other formats, editing in the video).
Subtitle translation from Russian into the major European languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German), and visa versa, while retaining all the important nuances is a task we are fully equipped to handle.
We know the key features of this type of translation and will help you to avoid those mistakes so common to translators from related spheres.

As a rule, work with the translation and creation subtitles consists of the following stages:


First stage: “decoding” the sound and images, selecting the text
(This is the so-called Combined Continuity Spotting List and for when there is only dialogue – the dialogue list).
This is a necessary preliminary stage, without which it is impossible to start the translation.  
The translator of the future subtitles must be provided with text instead of the original sound and images.
Therefore, the text must be “lifted” (decoded) from the picture and include all of the information that you want to convey in the subtitles.
It is important to note that this means all the significant elements in the picture that you want to have translated. Along with decoding the main audio (for example, the speech of the characters, the narrator’s voice and other audio messages), it is also important to translate the text of other elements. For example, signs and other writing that appear in the frames. Sometimes this involves translating the text of background music (if, in your opinion, it plays a role in the plot and is important for understanding the narrative or context of a scene). Depending on the format of the work, auxiliary sounds (for example, alarm clock ringing, car horn honking, shouts from a playground outside the window, etc.) may also be subject to subtitling.
A great deal in the final result depends on the quality of the work this stage. Therefore, our advice is to give it serious attention. You can provide us with a text that has already been prepared, or you can entrust us with your video or audio transcription. We transcribe materials in Russian as well as in other languages.
The cost of this type of work depends on the content of the material. As a rule, the basic unit is 1 minute of video or audio. But the density and complexity of the audio can vary so the rates may also differ. Rates usually range between 4 to 8 USD per minute.


Second stage: direct translation of the prepared subtitle text from or into Russian.
A native speaker works with the prepared text. When there are images, the translation is done with reference to the film or footage since the text of the subtitles must not only be correctly translated but also match up with the context. Important here are both the formal rules for subtitle translation (length, size, laconicism, accurate style) as well as the less obvious ones (for instance (the dynamics and pace of the scene, to which the subtitles must conform).
We try to take all of these aspects into consideration along with the translation work itself.
The final result of this stage is that you receive a translation of subtitles from or into Russian in .srt format (the most widespread and demanded format) or any other.


Third stage: If necessary, you can place an order for the overlay of subtitles into an image
We work in the video editor Adobe Premiere. The final project with subtitles will also be provided to you. 
Important note: It is only possible to overlay subtitles in a competent fashion if the editor and translator work together since decisions are made at the editing board and texts are edited based on the length of the scene, tempo and other factors. For an editor to perform this task independently is just inviting a slew of linguistic incidents, examples of which we can find at practically any film showing. At IdeaTranslate out translator and editor work together to prevent any such mistakes.

WORKFLOW for an order of subtitles translation from or into Russian

  1. We receive the original material (video in MP4, MOV, AVI or another format) and the  movie layout sheet. (If you do not have this, we can prepare it for you. See stage 1.) All this can be sent via file exchange services. Along with this, we ask you to indicate the specific end result you expect: translation only, translation and subtitles overlay, subtitles in a separate .srt file, etc..
  2. We will send you a detailed proposal regarding the time frame and cost.
  3. If you are happy with the conditions, we will start to work.

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Rédacteur reporter pour l'émission Complément d'enquête sur France 2, je témoigne par la présente avoir grandement tiré profit d'une collaboration récente avec IdeaTranslate à Moscou. Read all
Jean-Karl Lambert, France 2
Rédacteur reporter
Paris, le 10 décembre 2017 Rédacteur reporter pour l'émission Complément d'enquête sur France 2, je témoigne par la présente avoir grandement tiré profit d'une collaboration récente avec IdeaTranslate à Moscou. Une agence fiable, doté d'une équipe de traducteur de qualiité, capable d'interprétariat simultanée lors des tournages ainsi que missions de traduction "fine" lors du montage et de la post production de reportages. Dimitri Boulba et son équipe nous a été d'une aide précieuse et je recommande ses services. Jean-Karl Lambert France Télévision
Jean-Karl Lambert, France 2
Rédacteur reporter
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