Notarization of translations

Notarization of a completed translation by a Russian notary (in Moscow or St. Petersburg)
Notarization of a translation in Russia is a service often needed since many organizations and authoritative bodies require it (a great number of state offices from the tax to migration services of Russia as well as banks, courts, insurance companies, etc.).
The main difference from the European model of certifying the authenticity of a translation is that in Russia this function is assigned to the notary. In many European countries the translator is the one to verify and certify the translation.
Russian notaries have some very specific demands for certified documents. These rules and requirements are not always clear and there are many subjective aspects in the way the notaries understand the laws. This does not simplify the notarization process nor provide it with standardization. It is also of extreme importance to format the translation as required or it may be rejected for notarization.  

We know all the nuances and requirements of the Russian notaries and can obtain notarizations for all of the translations that we do from or into Russian. 
We are focused mainly on the certification of our classic translations (charters, extracts from registers, translations of accounting records, contracts and agreements, etc.). We know what must be provided to the notary for certification. It is less common that we certify diplomas and passports. These do not require a high level of qualification and can be ordered at almost any notary bureau in Moscow. 
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