Legal translation

Legal translations from and into Russian

We have professional lawyer-translators working on our team for translations from and into Russian.

Special characteristics of legal translation into Russian

Our team of translators has accumulated considerable experience translating legal documents in the Russian-English language pair. It is important to emphasize that during the process of translation we also take into account the differences found between the legal systems as this has a direct bearing on the terminology and the way ideas are conveyed.

As is well known, the Russian legal system belongs to the Romano-Germanic legal family (Civil Law) while translations from and into English are often required from countries with the Anglo-Saxon legal system (Common Law).

Due to various economic reasons quite a few of the jurisdictions with which Russia is associated are located in English-speaking countries like the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Seychelles, Singapore, Ireland, Hong Kong and others. We are highly familiar with the nuances required for legal translation from and into Russian for the specific documents needed in these countries (charters, agreements, etc.). During the translation process, we carefully take into account the differences in the titles and contents of the corporate documents used between these countries.

Legal translation for company formation

In Russia, when setting up companies with foreign participation, a translation of the foreign participants’ charter documents into Russian, often with notarization from a Russian notary, is required. You can trust us with the full set of these documents and be sure of their correct translation into Russian.

Examples of legal translation

At IdeaTranslate, you can order translations from or into Russian for the following types of documents and rest assured of their quality:

- Articles of association (also Charter)
- Memorandum of association
- Companies House document (in some jurisdictions – Company Act)
- Extract (or excerpt) from the Commercial (or Trade or Business) Register
- Tax residence certificate - Financial statements (financial accounting)
- Auditors’ report
- Due diligence report
- Certificate of incorporation
- Certificate of registration with the tax authorities
- Shareholder register
- Shareholder list (in the USA)
- Certificate of shareholders
- A share certificate
- Registered office address
- Register of members and share register (UK)
- Board resolutions and board minutes
- Letters of intent
- Various types of contracts (rendering of services, supply, labor, etc.)

You may also need notarization for such translations. Please read about it here.

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