Our rates

Rates for translation services from and into Russian
To answer your most common question, we provide the approximate rates for our translations below. However, we must point out that it is impossible to give a standard price for any translation because the final cost depends on many factors, such as how specialized the text is, urgency, volume and the document’s original format (text format, pictures and diagrams or drawings, etc.).
As with an interpretation, along with the topic it is important to understand the length of the job and event format.
Nevertheless, here are our base and minimal rates for English-Russian translations and interpretations: 
- translations from Russian into English: 0.09 usd/per word
- translations from English into Russian:  0.07 usd/per word
- consecutive interpreting for Russian-English (on-site): 200 usd/3 hours (minimal duration)
- consecutive interpreting for Russian-English (remote – via Skype, Zoom, etc.): 55 usd/hour
- simultaneous interpreting for Russian-English: 520 usd/4 hours for 2 interpreters (4 hours is the minimum chargeable duration.)
- proofreading of a translation into Russian: 0.04 usd/per word
- notarization of translations in Moscow/St. Petersburg: 15 usd/document