Simultaneous interpretation

Events with many participants, high-speed discussions, an acute shortage of time, and typically with high-status attendees all require simultaneous interpretation. Examples of these include top officials' speeches, specialists' seminars and live interviews.

Simultaneous translation is the branch of translation needing the highest qualifications. This type of translation allows the event participants to listen to the translation with no latency, using special equipment.  This greatly reduces the time spent communicating the information between participants, as the listeners receive the translation at the same time as the original is being spoken.  The significant improvement in speed is the biggest advantage of simultaneous over consecutive translation, and is why it is essential at events involving many active participants.

Simultaneous translation requires special training and qualifications. This explains why there are so few professional simultaneous translators. Our simultaneous interpreters work mainly from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish into Russian. When necessary we hire contractors.

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Examples of interpretation

A. Translation at an exhibition

You can make sure that your company gives a good impression at a trade show by using an IdeaTranslate interpreter. The interpreter can work on your stand and during any presentations that need translating. You will meet many of your future international partners at trade shows. They're a great place to make new contacts and begin negotiations with potential clients.  It's a strategic opportunity for your business so you should invest appropriately in it. The exhibition can open many doors to new markets. This is why high quality translation is so important: mediocre translation can ruin all the hard work you've spent preparing for it. 

You need an IdeaTranslate interpreter on your company stand, in your presentations, and at the exhibition.

B. Translating negotiations

Business negotiations often require the presence of a translator. Translating negotiations is a specific skill, which needs close attention to detail. The interpreter must convey messages about the terms of co-operation, the items in a contract, the exact details of an order, and many other commercial matters. They must be more than simply correct; they must not omit a single detail on any aspect.

It is extremely common for two parties to leave the negotiation table with different views of what has just been agreed.  This is even more likely when the participants come from different countries.  The business culture and language of each country are unique.  Russian businesses are just beginning to learn the business customs of Europe and the rest of the world; similarly, foreign businesses are only just starting to get familiar with the Russian rules and realities.

When you are discussing business, the interpreter doesn't only need to be competent in your sphere of activity, they also need to be able to communicate the precise meaning to each party in the discussion, taking into account the cultural differences.

Leave this work to the professionals.

C. Translating telephone conversations (for phonecalls, conference calls, and Skype)

New technologies which allow partners to carry out negotiations long-distance have brought about a new form of interpretation: translating telephone conversations. These calls are useful when you don't have time to meet in person, or when you need to involve a number of very important people on all sides of the globe. At IdeaTranslate, we've built up a lot of experience in translating telephone conversations. Our translators use the internet to join your conference and guarantee a good translation for each participant. We regularly provide our services on multilingual conference calls.

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