Rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation

In Moscow and Saint Petersburg
We can offer several different options for simultaneous interpreting equipment in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The basic, stationary option (the most classic) involves setting up equipment throughout the whole hall where the event will be held. We can bring to the event location the entire set of required equipment – amplifiers, microphones, mixing console, digital IR receivers, interpreters’ booth – as well as the specialists to operate this equipment. We will set up and take down all the equipment as well as monitor it while it is being used for the event (eliminating sound interference, handing out headsets, etc.). In this case the most convenient option for you is the “turnkey” solution.
We also offer the option of renting portable interpretation systems for chuchotage (whispered interpreting). This includes a microphone with a transmitter for the simultaneous interpreter and several headsets for the audience. We want to emphasize that this type of simultaneous interpreting only works in certain cases and event formats. Even so, this option is unavoidable in situations where it is necessary to move about (such as when visiting workplaces, exhibitions, etc.).
Simultaneous interpreting equipment in Moscow and St. Petersburg