Translation of Audio/Video

If the items for translation are audio or video, you can call on us for all the stages of translation:

1. To "pull" the text from a copy of the audio or video

Our translator would listen or watch your item and "extract" the text. It is essential to perform this task with precision, so that they can work with a text that matches the original.

Every detail of the original item must be recorded precisely: who speaks and who replies, how the dialogs are constructed, whose voices overlap etc.

At the end of this stage, you have a written text (called a transcript) corresponding to your audio or video document.

2. Translation of the text

After transcription, the text is translated by our specialist into the desired language.  The result of this step is a translated text, which can be used to create a new audio or video piece in the target language.

3. Recording and editing your text

You can order a comprehensive work from us, complete with audio materials: in addition to the translated content, we can provide all aspects of audio and video production in our studio. We provide a male or female actors / presenters with the desired tone of voice, and ask them to record the text. 

After this step, the audio is ready. Obviously, we use native speakers as the actors and presenters. You can order the final recording from us - our editors and sound engineer ensure accurate synchronization of audio and video, as well as ensuring the words are correctly pronounced in step with the image.

We have extensive experience in translating audio and video tapes both in Russian and other languages, including:
- translation of radio reports and shows, recordings of concerts, discussions, conferences and lectures;
- translations of video such as reports, interviews, advertisements, TV shows and series, movies;
- translation of audio and video business materials.

A particular form of audio/video translation is the voices for video games and software. We guarantee a translation and adaptation of your item in the native language, performed as a professional recording in a well-equipped studio.

We have a partnership with the well-known recording studio, Content Media and CMRecords. We have carried out a lot of audio and video projects together.

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