Fixer in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Russia

Production support for multimedia projects and shooting in Russia. English and French-speaking fixers in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Along with interpretation and written translations we also specialize in collaborations with production companies creating audio-visual content in Russia. This includes shooting fictional and documentary films, photography, television programs and, lately, web content in all formats.
We work in all production stages: pre-production, production and post-production.
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You can entrust us with the following tasks:

In the pre-production phase of shooting in Russia:

- Location scouting (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities);
- Searching for speakers and heroes, often a key issue in the planning phase, requiring significant resources;
- Obtaining shooting permits (This is often a serious administrative barrier in Russia.);
- Registering accreditations for journalists at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA);
- Assistance with logistics (from transportation to renting equipment as necessary);
- Search and selection of materials in the Russian Federation’s state archives for cinema and video (newsreel).

During the shooting in Russia

- Interpretation and support during shooting – interviews, cooperation with the heroes, solving administrative issues;
- Moving around and transport;
- Monitoring the production schedule and online coordination for the entire process.

After shooting (postproduction):

- Translation of audio and video: from decoding (transcription) sound and translating it into text format to work with timelines and timecodes;
- Translation of subtitles into the required format (.srt and others);
- Putting subtitles directly into the Adobe Premiere project Adobe.

Our portfolio

We have experienced great success in our work with film, television and radio companies from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. Thanks to the way we work as a team, you will get not only one fixer for the entire project but also the necessary number of specialists with complimenting competencies. This enables us to work in parallel on several projects or manage several tasks at the same time. (When out fixer is at the shooting location he or she cannot take care of other issues which sometimes require urgent solutions—for this we have our team members in the back office.)


Included in our portfolio :

- France 2 : Envoyé spécial et Complément d’enquête (p.e. l'émission du 09.11.2017)
- Radio-Canada Télé
- Arte (Elephant Groupe), l'invitation au voyage
- Radio France International
- Le Monde (p.e. le 29.12.2014)
- TMC (le Quotidien)
If you need a fixer for English or French in Moscow, St. Petersburg or other places in Russia, then we are poised to help.
We will be happy to assist you in shooting and recording for your audio-visual project in Russia.


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