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This is perhaps the most sought-after language in the business community. In addition to being the state language of so many countries, English is the language of commerce worldwide. According to various estimates, over 70% of Russian translations are in English.

At IdeaTranslate, we have experienced specialists translating to and from English in many fields (eg law, commerce, marketing, automotive, petroleum chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, and other types of translation). We also have English speakers working in our agency, including those with US English as their mother tongue. These staff provide the native-speaker translations, which are particularly important when dealing with foreign partners, promoting goods and services, and many other situations.

There has been a strong English and American business presence in Russia for a long time, and this is growing steadily, with many more businesses entering the market.

There is the same high level of demand for interpretation to/from English as for written translation.

At IdeaTranslate, you can order a translation to or from English for contracts, agreements, charters, registration certificates and other official documents. It's important to remember that the Anglo-Saxon legal system is fundamentally different to the Russian one (the Russian legal system is closer to the continental one). This requires the legal specialist translator to understand these differences, as well as the other precise skills needed for legal translation.

Our translators have years of experience with other subjects too: translations of presentations, business plans, catalogs, manuals, specifications and other types of document.

You'll find the professionals you need for interpretation and translation to/from English at IdeaTranslate.

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