Our Advantages

In short, our biggest advantage is the combination of high-quality translations with a deep understanding of your needs, your business, and the goal you need to achieve with the transaltion. We build our strategy on the basis of this, by focusing on building long-term relationships. This understanding underlies all the main features of our agency:

- Optimal and clear prices

Many translation agencies attract customers by initially showing discounted prices. They might offer, say, 300 rubles per page - in other words, a price for doing almost no work, which would result in a very low quality translation. The main reason why they have this attitude is because they have no other strengths to attract customers.

In practice, when those agencies estimate the cost of a translation (or even worse - the cost is recalcuated once you've already paid an advance), you suddenly become aware of the following:

A. The text you sent contains a specialized lexicon (this increases the price from 100-150%)
B. That the translation will be proofread by an editor (another 30% on top)
C. That the standard time for translation (5-8 sheets a day) cannot be met (unless you pay an additional 100% "emergency" fee)
D. That the translation will be returned in a useless format: handwritten text, scanned, psd or pdf format, etc (with an extra 50% if you want the text file).

This leads to a translation price several times the rate you initially saw, and you find yourself wasting time, money and energy, repeatedly renegotiating the conditions with the agency, until you finally get the result you need.

This process never happens at IdeaTranslate: you are always given the price of the translation in advance. Our prices reflect all aspects of the project (the level of technicality, the timeline, any other targets), is final, and won't need to be discussed again.

We guarantee fair prices and high-quality work. That's why our customers remain loyal for years.

- We work on a variety of subjects and apply a multidisciplinary approach

Our team consists of translators who specialize in the most diverse fields: legal, technical, economic and medical. Not only does this allow us to work on all forms of technical text. It also means that we can apply several specialists to the same task at once, which is essential for multidisciplinary texts.

 - Flexibility

We plan the translation process with each partner so that we can match your expectations and your way of working. We are organized in a way that means we don't need to impose a single procedure on each customer. We don't insist on a rigid style for presentations or specific document formats, and we don't impost unavoidable delays. We integrate your parameters into our translation process so we can work at the same pace as you. We manage and optimize our relationships with our regular customers: we offer lower tariffs on translation models that are agency already knows well, and carry out urgent translations without charging extra. This naturally comes out of our partnerships, because familiar themes and regular formats simplify our work, enabling us to fulfil your orders more quickly, cheaply and with a higher level of quality.