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Legal translation

Legal translation to and from Russian (contracts, legal agreements, legislation etc).

Legal translation does not allow for any approximation or imprecision. Any error in the translation of a contract, a certificate, an attestation or any other document of that type can render it null, disrupt the business process, and lead to bad decisions.

You need to entrust your legal translations to professionals. We guarantee the expertise of our legal translation specialists.

We work on:

- translation of agreements and contracts (employment contracts, forward contracts, contracts for sale of goods, credit agreements, banking contracts, service provision arrangements etc);

- translation of incorporation and foundation documents (articles of association, memorandum of association, certificates of incorporation, by-laws, attestations, charters, mandates, licences, authorisation documents, extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities);

- translation of financial documents and fiscal declarations (regarding VAT, income tax, profit and loss, situation assessments, cash flow tables, auditors' reports etc);

- translation of legislation, such as normative legal acts;

- translation of securities (attestations, procurations and authorisations);

- translation of judgments (judicial decisions and subsidiary conclusions, expert reports, appeals, petitions);

- translation of notary clauses, stamps and seals.

While performing these legal translations, we take into account the specifics of the legal systems of the countries concerned and the varied meanings of terms in the different languages. This is indispensible for creating a high-quality, error-free translation. Our translators also consult lawyers to assist them with these works.

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