Proofreading by a native speaker

Proofreading by a native speaker ensures that the text is reworked by a specialist whose mother tongue is the native language. However good the translator, foreign readers can always tell whether a text has been produced by a native speaker or not.

When you order a translation from us, you can be sure that the meaning of the text will be rendered precisely and the terminology will be correct. But only a native speaker is capable of choosing the appropriate nuances, expressions and required turns of phrase. When a native speaker has proofread the work, not only the meaning but also the style of the translation is 100% perfect.

Proofreading by a native speaker is necessary in a number of cases: to ensure good mutual understanding between yourself and your foreign partner, to guarantee your company's reputation, to help you sell your services to potential foreign customers etc.

There are times when your text must sound authentic to your reader, without giving the impression of being a translated document: your business proposal, your presentation, the text on your website, your marketing material etc.

This process is often flawed, so we point out the pitfalls to avoid:

1. The native speaker is only trusted with searching the text for linguistic errors (spelling, grammar and punctuation).

This is not a good strategy - it's very important that the reader understands your text fully - its meaning, its purpose and its audience.  Their role should not be limited to merely rereading and checking.  Their proofreading must include editing the work.

2.  The work of proofreading and editing is trusted to a non-specialist - to anyone who happens to have the target language as their mother tongue.  Many people assume that anyone can proofread.  This is a big mistake.  The person who performs this task needs  to master the subject, the style and the terminology.  They must be a professional writer in their mother tongue.  Only such a professional can render the tone of your text accurately, taking into account the linguistic culture of the country where their mother tongue is spoken.

We only work with native speakers who are also professional writers.

You can order a translation from us plus proofreading by a native speaker, or else we can proofread a text that has already been translated.

The cost of the service will depend on the quality of the initial translation. If you ask for a native-speaker proofreading with your translation order, the cost is rarely more than 50% of the base price. In the other case, we'll look at the quality of the original translation then calculate a quote.

Send us your orders and we will get back to you as soon as possible, with details of the price and the time it will take us to complete your request.

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